Puppy Classes

Greentree Animal Clinic is partnering with “Say it Once” dog training to host puppy classes.

Puppy Classes

Our small puppy class sessions are being held at Greentree Animal Clinic South and are designed to set you and your pet up for success not only in your home but also for lifelong stress-free visits to the vet! We are hosting small, intimate group sessions.


  • The price of the package is $300. This includes one informational session “all you need to know about a puppy,” and 4, 1-hour puppy training classes
  • The class is for puppies aged from 10 weeks to 9 months.
  • Classes will be held on Sundays at 12 pm

After completing the four-session puppy course, your puppy will have an understanding of their role in your home. They will have an understanding of basic commands and start building confidence. You are the key to their success. You will learn how to communicate with your dog, learn body language, and learn the basic tools to help set your pup up for success, lifelong!

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