Veterinary Reproductive Services

We are now offering reproductive services! Our general service includes a review of the process of breeding, our protocol, and what to expect when expecting.

Reproductive Services


Bitch Services


  • Bitch: Physical exam, Brucella testing
    • +/- progesterone monitoring and vaginal cytology

Breeding/future breedings:

  • Bitch: PE, progesterone monitoring, vaginal cytology
    • Can offer: Standard side-by-side AI, TCI and eventually surgical AI
    • Can bred via fresh, fresh chilled semen or frozen semen
    • Owner is responsible for supplying the stud for breeding

Ideal schedule for pregnancy confirmation/fetal monitoring:

  • Ultrasound: Can be performed 30 days after first breeding, to confirm pregnancy
  • Radiographs: Performed closer to 55 days of gestation


  • Reverse progesterone timing: Ability to monitor decrease in progesterone, in anticipation for whelping.
  • Ideal for those breeds that are unable to whelp naturally
  • Please Note: After-hours emergency c-sections are available ONLY to patients that have been bred by us. For these patients, we will assemble a team to respond appropriately


  • Post whelping exam – check for any birth defects, ensure nursing and viability.

Stud Services


  • Stud: Physical exam, brucella testing
    • semen evaluation/clean out (motility, morphology and concentration)

Breeding/future breeding’s:

  • Stud: PE, semen evaluation ((motility, morphology, and concentration)
    • Can use the semen fresh for side by side or offer fresh chilled shipping and
      eventually, semen freezing
    • Epididymal sperm flushing can harvest semen from testicles at time of neuter
      • Can also be performed if there is an unexpected pet loss, however, this is very time sensitive.