Veterinary Reproductive Services

We are now offering reproductive services! Our general service includes a review of the process of breeding, our protocol, and what to expect when expecting.

Reproductive Services

Be sure to complete our New Patient Breeding Form before your first breeding appointment with Greentree Animal Clinic!

Bitch Services


  • Bitch: Physical exam, Brucella testing
    • +/- progesterone monitoring and vaginal cytology

Breeding/future breedings:

  • Bitch: PE, progesterone monitoring, vaginal cytology
    • Can offer: Standard side-by-side AI, TCI and eventually surgical AI
    • Can bred via fresh, fresh chilled semen or frozen semen
    • Owner is responsible for supplying the stud for breeding

Ideal schedule for pregnancy confirmation/fetal monitoring:

  • Ultrasound: Can be performed 30 days after first breeding, to confirm pregnancy
  • Radiographs: Performed closer to 55 days of gestation


  • Reverse progesterone timing: Ability to monitor decrease in progesterone, in anticipation for whelping.
  • Ideal for those breeds that are unable to whelp naturally
  • Please Note: After-hours emergency c-sections are available ONLY to patients that have been bred by us. For these patients, we will assemble a team to respond appropriately


  • Post whelping exam – check for any birth defects, ensure nursing and viability.


Stud Services


  • Stud: Physical exam, brucella testing
    • Semen evaluation/clean out (motility, morphology and concentration)

Breeding/future breeding’s:

  • Stud: PE, semen evaluation ((motility, morphology, and concentration)
    • Can use the semen fresh for side by side or offer fresh chilled shipping and
      eventually, semen freezing
    • Epididymal sperm flushing can harvest semen from testicles at time of neuter
      • Can also be performed if there is an unexpected pet loss, however, this is very time sensitive.


OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) Submissions

  • Scheduled as a drop off appointment
  • Sedation is recommended
  • Call us for additional information and estimate